A.L.E.E.T.™ 24 (Advanced Level Explosive Endurance Training):

Come experience the most advanced strength and explosive plyometrics training system available today! Developed to improve professional athletics of all sports, this training is sure to always challenge and kick your a**! Every class is different with the use of your own body weight, medicine balls, dumb bells, kettle bells, body blades, resist a balls, and core boards to constantly challenge balance, improve strength and increase your explosiveness. They are a must for fighting and self defense. Classes are taught in group format with high energy and personal instruction.

A.L.E.E.T. Burn

Fast paced, calorie burning, intense strength training, and endurance blast class. This class is designed to get an intense workout in a short time frame (40 minutes). Students should be familiar with our basic A.L.E.E.T.™ class before participating.

Core Board

Core training is designed to train your "core" body to fire first along with strength training and endurance. Utilizing the Reebok Core Board, this class is designed to improve balance and core muscles which are essential for a fighting and self defense.

Heavy Bag

Say goodbye to that old typical gym aerobic class and come to our heavy bag workout. The class is designed to be an overall body conditioning workout by using an arsenal of punching and kicking combatives. A killer workout!

Intro to Tactical Black™

This class gives students all the fundamentals of fight so that the transition to Tactical Black™ is made with more ease. It is not mandatory to be a Tactical Black™ member to participate, but all fight gear is required.

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