Chief Instructor, Jay Ackerman and Head Instructor, Josh Ackerman Tactical Black™ Advanced Street Self Defense Program was developed by Chief Instructor, owner, and advanced law enforcement instructors Jay Ackerman, Josh Ackerman, Manuel Robinson and alongside founders Michael Fobes and Stephen Valletta.

Tactical Black™ is the most modern street self-defense system in the world today. Our Tactical Black™ program is designed to train students how to survive the most dire of circumstances. Such training includes:

  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Self defense around the body (common chokes, grabs, bear hugs)
  • Fight (stand-up & complete ground fighting system)
  • Basic & advanced hand gun operation
  • Basic & advanced weapons defense both edged and blunt (guns, knives, sticks all standing and on ground)
  • Hand-to-hand against weapons
  • Weapon defenses
  • Firing from various positions (standing, sitting down, ground, & in motion)
  • Weapon retention in-and-out of the holster, standing and on the ground
  • Dealing with stressful scenario-based situations
  • Hostage situations
  • Multiple attackers
  • 3rd party protection
  • Verbal skills and how to avoid physical conflict...and more!

Make no mistake, training is the emphasis in Tactical Black™. It is the mentality in Tactical Black™ that a well trained individual will react better and make appropriate decisions when confronted with a possible threat than a non-trained person would. The system does not focus on belts or competition, rather hundreds of hours of realistic training with the goal to make all students in Tactical Black™ experts in defending themselves. With adequate training, students will be more aware of their surroundings and make better decisions when confronted with a possible threat. Students in Tactical Black™ will always be taught to try to escape or de-escalate a confrontation first, but will have the muscle memory and skills necessary to defend themselves if their life is at stake.

Finally, Tactical Black™ is more than knowledge of self-defense techniques and firearms. Safety and education are a primary concern in Tactical Black™. Proper execution of all gun safety rules and awareness such as:

  • The gun is always loaded
  • Muzzle control
  • Finger on the frame, finger off the trigger
  • Know your target, know it's background
  • Proper gun storage
  • Cleaning…and more.

Handgun instruction and handling firearms are also crucial components to the training and will cover items such as:

• Assessing targets quickly
• One & two-handed shooting
• Point shooting
• Shooting while moving
• Magazine exchanges
• Clearing malfunctions…and more.

Furthermore Tactical Black™ requires all it’s students to complete the Blue Level Tactical Black test and the Critical Decision Making (CDM) seminar in order to progress in the system. Written exams are part of the training and required for completion of all levels of Tactical Black™.

This training saves lives so that you and your loved ones walk in peace.

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