R.E.A.C.T.™ Defense Systems (R.D.S.™) takes the health and wellness of their students very seriously and that is why they created the 90-Day A.L.E.E.T.™ 24 Fitness Challenge. R.D.S.™ knows that everyone is uniquely built and as such, has different goals when it pertains to fitness. For some, it is weight loss. For others, it is muscle growth. In either case, it is their pleasure to connect you with a coach who will guide you in the right direction. All R.D.S.™ certified coaches provide students with motivation, education, guidance, and individual instruction necessary to achieve their personal fitness and lifestyle goals.

Our 90-Day A.L.E.E.T.™ 24 Fitness Challenge includes:
  • A 15 minute complimentary consultation
  • Fitness Assessment*
  • Measurements
  • Measurable goals
  • Class Schedule Consulting
  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Food Plans**
  • 45-Day Check-in
  • 90-Day Follow-up
The next 90 days are up to you. The time will pass regardless, but it is what you decide to do with that time that matters. Show yourself and the world what you are made of - call 602.485.5728 and get your 90-Day A.L.E.E.T.™ 24 Fitness Challenge started today!

* All applicable fees are due prior to your Fitness Assessment.

**Food plans are designed by AASDN and given under the guidance of Jenna & Joy Ackerman, who are AASDN Nutrition Specialist, certified through AASDN.

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