Krav Maga™ Southwest Regional Training Center of Phoenix, Chandler and Glendale are the only facilities of their kind in Arizona. We are a full service training center dedicated to providing the finest self defense, fighting and fitness instruction in the world today.

We pride ourselves on having the best reality based training that simulates REAL LIFE CONFRONTATIONS. We don't incorporate any training methods unless they are effective and practical to use in the street.

All our certified instructors have spent many years training to prefect methods that build an aggressive fighting mentality without sacrificing student safety.

Our instructional staff is certified by Krav Maga Worldwide™ and Chief Instructor, Jay Ackerman, including fully certified advanced law enforcement defensive tactics Instructors: Jay Ackerman, Josh Ackerman and Manuel Robinson.

Students apply the relevant Krav Maga™ principles and techniques in a multitude of situations, even in unfamiliar or adverse circumstances, such as dark surroundings; from a sitting or lying position; with limited freedom or movement; or under extreme stress and/or fatigue. R.E.A.C.T.™ Adrenal Stress Training offers realistic scenario based training under stress.
These Interactive seminars teach:

  • Confidence
  • Street awareness skills on how to avoid altercations
  • Better choices when dealing with conflict
  • Anger and stress management
  • How to avoid sexual assult
  • How to use verbal skills to avoid physical conflict
  • Spatial boundaries
  • Interview process that criminals have
  • How to be assertive not aggressive or to passive
  • Rights of "Use of Force" to defend yourself

Who can benefit from this training?

Everyone and anyone! You do not need any prior experience to start training with us. Classes are designed to accommodate both the novice and the advanced student. Its also great for corporate team building for any size company. Contact us at 602.485.5728 to find out how we can create a seminar for you.

How does the training work?

Once you have gone through the experience of being adrenalized you will better understand how to deal with real fear and what the body does naturally to prepare to survive. Your brain can't distinguish between simulation and real experience therefore this training acts as a vaccination that remains with you should you need to use it to survive a real encounter.

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